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Lecture Note for developmental psychology

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

PSY 100H J development psychology What is Human Nature? - Study of people from their birth to death biology vs. culture, nature vs. nurture - Given that they are always intertwined, how can we know whether there is such a thing as innate human nature and what that would look like Babies blank slate - Prenatal and infant development progress in highly predictable ways and are largely the result of genetic programming - Of course even prenatal and infant development are affected by environmental factor not strictly by genetic - Teratogens can cause abnormal development in the womb, many chemicals pervasive in the environment are now found in fetus e.g. 200 industrial chemicals in brain of infant - $97088,3249K0780249L43,O89,90 birth weight, cognitive and physical development socioeconomic states - Culture practices sleeping on back vs. front lowers SIDS - crawling o Sleep front develop posture and muscle in infants for crawling (locomotive) - Brain development (myelination, formation of connection between neurons) is also dependent on proper environmental stimulation, nutrition, etc. - So even at the earliest stages Role of the Environment - But aside from basic stimulation, why does it matter what happens in early life? Kids ,7039J4L3J9470202-07L9,3Z, o E.g. kid playing with c,95O,L3J09. happy kid is good despite not remembering - Some examples of children growing up in extreme circumstances have profoundly deepened our understanding of the roles of the environment in human development o Warmth and coldness physiological emotional support o Is the universe predicable? Random? emotional memories for the child o Studies in children growing up in Romanian (& other) orphanages and other situations of neglect Sleep same bed with adult with mental difficulties unwanted and under-staffed long term development of the kids turn out do okay but at the mean level not in the same ways as brought up normally unresponsive to the environment as they stay in the cribs for so long in 9K0L70,7OOL10 4398K4Z8,20NL341responsiveness facial development different [did not see so many faces] Feral Children - Victor 9K0:LO441;043 captured 1797, escaped, remerged in 1800, Jean- Marc Itard attempted to civilize him without much success development was stunned
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