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Lecture 2

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Dan Dolderman

LECTURE 2January 11 2010 Research Methods Characteristics of Good Psychological ResearchA Theoretical Framework Systematic way of organizing and explaining observations Hypothesis that flows from the theory or from an important question The theory isnt falsifiable not a scientific theory because it doesnt create a testable hypothesisEx Freuds theorya person is very anal about things this is a result of being toilet trained too early and too harshly anal retentive personalitynot testable or verifiableA Standardized ProcedureProcedures the same for all subjects except where variation is introduced to test a hypothesis The procedures laid out in clear terms all subjects treated the exact same so all observations and results are unbiased keep methods constant rather than vary from subject to subject Important so as the replicate the study at future timesNo differences so that when comparing groups the only difference will be the manipulation of the researcher not the way theyre treated Generalizability Sample that is representative of the populationProcedure that is sensible and relevant to circumstances outside the laboratory Ex if the jury sees gory pictures that upset them theyre more likely to convict regardless if the person is guilty or not Outside the labex a study regarding subliminal advertising bring people into the movie theatre and during the intermission they flash subliminally get popcorn and drinks claim sales went up significantlytried to repeat the experiment but it does not work Objective Measurement Measures that are reliable that produce consistent results Measures that are valid that assess the dimensions they purport to assess Psychological ResearchNaturalistic ObservationObserve people things animals in their natural environment without disturbing it whatsoeverDont want to have any effect on what were watchingex watching birds nature shows where we watch animals in their daily lifestyle
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