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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

LECTURE 3January 18 2010 Brain and BehaviourNeuroscience Components in the NeuronDendrites receive information from other neurons some sayfire neural impulse some say shut it down some are neutrallike locks sitting there for the right key to come alongright key makes an all systems go wrong one is turn it off shut it down receive info from terminal buttons Cell body creates transmitter moleculescreates theelectrochemical charge permeable so ions can flow throughAxon summation of energy comes to the axon hillock if theres enough electrical energy the neural impulse will fire down theaxonwhen it reaches the terminal buttons it hits them andspills neurotransmitters into the synapse to possibly bind thereMyelin insulates the nerve cell speeds up conductionof nerve messagesTerminal buttons of the axon release transmitterGraded PotentialsStimulation of the nerve membrane can open ion channels in the membraneNA ions flowing in depolarize the membrane movement from 70mV to say 60mVK ions flowing out hyperpolarize the membrane 70mV to say 90mVDiagram shows the cell body encased in fluid in the brain outside of the membrane theres positive charged ions inside theres negative charged ions Moving NA in will polarize the membrane when it mixes with KCell body opens up enough so NA ions flow in creating energyAs potential energy rises is reaches a threshold If it doesnt send enough excitatory messages to hit the threshold nothing happens If it hits the threshold it fires it energy potential Hyperpolarizationinhibitory messagemessage says shut it down less potential to fire
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