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LEC 7-Memory

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Michael Inzlicht

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Memory z Memory is the process by which we observe, store and recall information May be visual, auditory or tactile z Memory processes may involve multiple systems Conscious Automatic Mental Processing z Mental representations is a mental model of a stimulus or category of stimuli Sensory Representations Image of a dog Sound of a gunshot Verbal Representations 43.0594170042 Involve neural activation different from that of sensory representation Motoric Representations Memories of motor actions (ie, swinging a tennis racket) Standard Memory Model z %KL8209,5K47;L0Z89K,9the mind as a computer z Model assumes that memory consists of three stores Sensory registers Iconic (visual) Echoic (auditory) Short-term memory (STM) Long-term memory (LTM) The Information Processing Model of Memory Characteristics of STM z STM is a variant of memory that is of limited duration Information in STM fades after 20-30 seconds (without rehearsal)
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