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LEC 10-Personality Research

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Michael Inzlicht

Personality Research z Personality refers to enduring pattern of thought, feeling, motivation and behaviour that are expressed in different circumstances z The aim of personality research is to construct general theories of personality, and assess individual differences in personality Psychodynamic Views of Personality z Freud invoked a role of unconscious processes in the control of behaviour Based on his observations of clients Topographical model: argued for 3 levels of consciousness Conflict occurs between the different aspects of consciousness Requires compromise formation 70:80;0O452039,O40O z Human behaviour is motivated by two drivers Aggressive Sexual Libido refers to pleasure seeking and sensuality as well as desire for intercourse z Libido follows a developmental course during childhood Stages of development Fixed progression of change from stage to stage Notion of fixation at a particular libidinal stage 70:8!8.K480[:,O$9,J08 STAGE AGE CONFLICTS AND CONCERNS Oral 0-18 mths Dependency Anal 2-3 years Orderliness, cleanliness Phallic 4-6 years Parental identification, oedipal complex, penis envy, castration complex Latency 7-11 years Sublimation of sexual and aggressive urges Genital 12+ years Mature sexuality and relationships Ego Defense Mechanisms z Defense mechanisms are unconscious mental processes that protect the conscious person from
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