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University of Toronto St. George

Topic 1 Fundamental insightsTHSS 4045 4 FLOOR ELEVATOR Wed 24Psy100psychutorontocaPsy100poolpsychutorontocaWhy study psychologyMotivations Because interests in peopleinteractions Psychology is supposed to be about what makes people tickBecause you are person interest in finding out yourselfBecause help people understand othersWant to know if selfesteem really mattersBecause want to deal with stress betterPeoples strange beliefs To ourselves its always other peoples beliefs that seemed to be strangeProvides important insights into peopleused in all different careers counselling selling cars consulting management activism etc and researches Maybe even manipulating othersThe incredible diversity is what makes psych fascinatingchallengingFundamental insights of PsychThese are lessons that a century plus of psychology research has taught us and they can deeply change the way you understand yourself other people and the world around youShould be able to refer back and start to make more sense as you do thatReality is a story told to us by our brainsWe dont live in reality we do not touch reality directly but only gives internal selfexperienceOur brains are artists not mirrorsOur experiences do not reflect reality itself but rather a construction or representation of reality1This construction process involves a lot of guessworkfilling in the gaps We are not exposed to the entire reality but a subset of it2This subjective representation occurs within the brain The mind is brain We only have access to a limited subset of RealityBits of reality hitting on us however we only experience a part of itThe limitations of our sensoryperceptual system are due to1The sensitivity of our sensory mechanismsOur limited of sensitivity as compare to other people and other animals2Our attentional capacity is limitedUnable to tell a group of peoples expression as compare to when we examine each individualCan not pay attention to all at the same time
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