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PSY100 Lecture #2

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Dan Dolderman

011712PSY100 Lecture 2 History of Psychology The science of psychology has come to very very long over the past few thousand years For most human history debate raged as to where consciousness residedthe hear the mind the brain or spiritsScience has always been contextualized in a larger set of societalhistoricalpoliticalideological economic processesFor a long time theologicalreligious barriers impeded the process of physiological sciencesDirect study of human body was forbiddenDoctrines regarding human exemptionalism therefore was impossible to learn about human biology through animal studiesPost enlightenment the rise of the supposed rational selfinterested human deep divide between cognition and emotion emphasis on the individual as the unit of analysis Our first set of motivation is selfinterest then the rest follows through We can think irrationallyemotionally Post biological revolution and neuroscience remerging of cognition and emotion emphasis on interdependence between the individual and the group Human Psychology as Mechanistic Processes Descartes 1600s An extremely intense unbalanced driven personalityProposed a systematic account of the body as a machine physiological processes des
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