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PSY100 Class#1 notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Class 1 y Reality is a story tod by our brains y Our brains are artists not mirrors they create what we see not reflect it y Our experiences are a construction or representation of reality o This construction process involves a lot of guesswork o All happens in our brain y Limits our sensory mechanisms are due to their sensitivity y Humans have a limited attention capacity y Perception is a process of creative story telling and inference making gaps in our perception are filled at a rapid pace o Normally highly functional and allows our brains to be quite efficient with a small cost of accuracy y We are not interacting with reality but rather a story we make based on it y Perception is a process of pattern matching o our brain uses preexisting knowledge to decode incoming sensory signals o what your brain saw in the past is largely seen in the present o unknown patterns are guessed about o since we regularly make mistakes and there are systematic ways this happens by understanding these ways we can improve y we have a l
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