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PSY100 Class#5 notes

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Dan Dolderman

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Class 5 y John B Watson o Infuluenced by Pavlov o 1901 started studying the white rat o Realized the rat could be understood without introspection o 1913begins to publish his perspective on behaviourism through psych review psychology as the behaviourist views it o Says psychology is a natural scienceThe theoretical goal is prediction and control of behaviour no introspection o Thought that conditioned responses were a model for later behaviour o Studied babies and found 3 unconditioned responsesFear caused by dropping or loud soundsRagebeing physically restrainedLove o Believed that the rest of our responses were built on these 3 responses o Little AlbertTaught to fear a white ratBecame generalized to fear most white thingsWatson thought this fear would last him his whole life o Can understanding memory help us learn betterC
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