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Psy100h1 Class Detail notes Topic 3 pt2

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MotivationReward CircuitryPleasure response system firing from MFBPrefrontal cortex decision making centerVTA releases dopamine into NA amygdala PFC etcAmygdalaActivation of motorattentional systemsSeptum Nucleus accumbens The mind is what the brain doesThe fact that our experience of world relies intimately on the brain is shown in the bizarre perceptual experiences of patients with certain kinds of neurological damage or dysfunctioneg Oliver sacks The split brainThe two hemispheres of the brain are actually two minibrains connected by a bundle of fibers the corpus collosum In 1930s1950s cutting the corpus collosum became all the rage to help people with epileptic seizures and other disordersAmazingly these people seemed pretty normalbut clever psychologists like Gazzaniga your textbook author discovered ways of communicating separately with the nowindependent hemispheresTHCThe Mystery DrugTHC binds to two types of unique receptors the cannabinoid receptorsCB1 and CB2CB1 action largely seems to mediate the rewarding aspects of the cannabinoids AND is in many areas of the brain including the hippocampusthus THC has rewarding properties as well as interfering with memory formationinterestingly the body has receptors for the cannabinoids but does not produce THCmystery THCin 1990s researchers discovered the endocannabinoids like anandamide which bind to CB receptorsalthough their function is still under investigationstrains of mice wo CB receptorsless appetite reduced lifespan reduced activitybut enhanced memory Basic Neuroanatomy Centurylong debate about whether the brain functions holistically or whether specific functions are carried out in specific placeslocalization of functionand the winner isBOTH Phineas Gagebefore the accident PG was the most efficient and capable foremanafter the accident he seemed to fully recover from his injuriesIQ memory language motor behaviour all normalButHes fitful irreverent indulging at times in the grossest profanity manifesting but little deference for his fellows impatient of restraint or advice w HolismLocalizationholismthe brain works through the communication of many systems specific thoughts memories skills etc are distributed throughout the brain and there is some functional redundancylocalizationBUT areas of the brain do become specialized for certain tasks eg sensory cortices emotional systemsmost complex processes are distributed across many subsystems governing subprocesses The Frontal Lobes 1930s40sFrontal Lobes subserved abstract attitude foresight and intellectual synthesis
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