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Topic 7 EmotionTuesday October 26 2010Emotion and Cognition are interwovenThis classic enlightenment picture of humans are rational selfinterested calculators of utility has been thoroughly shattered by this past few decades of social science and biological researchFor eg to get people to agree with us we feel we have to convince then through rational argument of our perspectiveIn reality thought the debate is usually won emotionally not rationally unconsciously not consciouslyFraming effects Works through shifting emotional toneEg paying more for airplane ticketscarbon offset generating reasons why its a good idea65 of Republicans are in favourCarbon tax only 27 Republicans now agreeWar on Terrorthe cognitiveemotional consequences of the word war are to activate fear obedience patriotism the desire for protection and strong leadership the feeling of moral justificationsuperiorityBecause our thoughts are built on past associative networks adult complex cognition is a process of creating variants on early metaphors ex the familyConsequencesa cognitive science analysis reveals that much of todays politics are not really about the surface details of issues being discussed but that the discussions themselves are merely variations on underlying metaphoric themes themes that invoke emotions works unconsciouslyAvailability Heuristicthe tendency to judge the probability of an event by how easy it is to think of examples or instancesFor example following September 11 most people overestimated their odds of dying in a plane crash even though they continued to take higher risks by driving in their carsas a result hundreds of extra people died in car crashes 353 in 3 months following Sept 11 Focusing attention on highly vivid examples imagine a tsunami killing 300000 people remember the outpouring to donations in 2004a silent tsunami or 23 Haitian earthquakes of povertyrelated malaria kills that many children every couple of monthsImaging a 747 crashing killing everyone on board The equivalent of four 747s full of children die every day due to rotavirusMislead by Availabilitywe often use the availability heuristic to our own detriment without being aware of itEx moodcongruent processing ex interpretation attributions memoriespos vs negative info being differentially accessibledepressionremembering bad thingsincreased accessibility for those memoriesfeeling that you really are a big loser because look at how easy it is to come up with all sorts of examplesthe availability heuristic can explain many other phenomenaeg egocentric biases Ross and Siccoly 1970 What proportion of the housework do you do Both men and women overestimate how much they doEmotionsImproving peoples lives has a great deal to with improving their emotional state Emotions are the key determinant of our feelings of wellbeingAnd emotions are implicated in our health longevity motivations relationships etcPositiveNegative Emotions
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