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PSY100 Lecture #5

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

021412 PSY100 Lecture 5 Memory and Cognition Bottom up processing time takes a longer time the world informing your brainTop down processing the brain informing you and your previous experiments stereotyping Memory and perception are fundamentally intertwined togetherPerception learning memory thinkingCraik and Lockhart LTM storage is based on meaningWe do not file out memories under some sort of code system library stakesInstead we store memories based on meaningful associations neuralactivationsHow meaningful they are how much associations we have with itThe Levelsofprocessing Principle The levels of processing principle states that the ease with which we can retrieve a memory depends on the number and types of associations that we form with that memoryo Superficial processingsimply repeating the material that you are trying to memorize or processing only the sounds of the words o Deeper processingthe processing of meaning rather than simply the physicians sensory features of a stimulus Also notes the associations between the items or parts of the materialy Deeper levels of processinggreater amounts of neural activityWhy is it easier to remember than less Think neural netsnumber of excitatory signals enhanced communication with repeated activationsRetrieval Cues Provide Access to LongTerm StorageRetrieval cues help access information which is why recognition is easier than recallIe where the information was last seen in the textbook The encoding specificity principle states any stimulus encoded with an experience can become a triggerIdeally to study in a way that you are going
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