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Dan Dolderman

BfPxEBehaviour is a function of the person and the environmentWe often default to emphasizing the personWe often default to bad things are done by bad peopleSocial psychology emphasizes the situational pressures around a person E The Power of the SituationTake home message of Social PsychRecall The Fundamental Attribution ErrorWhen you see a person doing x and you wonder why look first at their circumstances before drawing conclusions about what kind of person they areEgA neurologist gets emergency calls and rushes through traffic cuts people off etc in order to get somewhere to save someones lifeIn this case we think hes the jerk but he isntSome people are in a state of crisis and they will appear to be jerksIn reality their behaviour will boil down to the situation they are in My dad used to ask me If all your friends jumped off a bridge would youThe Power of Social InfluenceSocial Psychologists tend to consider the social environmentWe all know that social norms are importanteg Choosing what to wearWhy do we choose small talk in an elevatorWe are governed by social normseg Kid falls off bike while passing a school busWe care what people think Social InfluenceLiving in a neighbourhood that is lawn proud and doesnt want dandelions If you have a lawn with dandelions you are looked down onThe way we perceive dandelions is because of our social normsWe dress in order to make impressionsSome people step away from social norms emogoth but within their group they are validated by each other StudyIf one person is looking up at the sky 4 of people walking by look up tooIf you get a small group to stand and look up at the sky a crowd big enough to stop traffic will look up at the skyeg With Donut shopworkers would go point at the window and then employees would look too and start to think they see something The Power of Social NormsBinge drinking fashion safe sex drinking and driving smoking drug use eating disorders racist jokes hair styles music being honest cheatingAND health world taking shorter showers conserving energy
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