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PSY100 Lecture #6

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

022812PSY100 Lecture 6 Guest Speaker Susan GillinghamOlder adults have difficulty recognizing negative emotions in faces o Happinessolder recognized betterSurprisedconstantDisgustconstant o Sadyoung recognized betterFrontal lobe and medial temporal lobe associated with emotional processing Measures of general cognitive functioning Crystallized intelligence general knowledge acquired by experience increases with ageFluid intelligence out capacity to use logical reasoning in novel situations decreases with age Neuropsychological Emotion recognition decreases with agingbrain deterioration Sociocognitiveemotion recognition increases with agingexperience Emotion perception and comprehension o At the most extreme ages a few people make many errors The effects of cognitive flexibilityo Sad faces were mistaken for neutral and errors on stories were in dealing with factso Interpretations of emotionrelated problems must be considered We have an aging population this it is important to characterize brain functioning Important to know what is healthy so that we can better understand diseaseMore ways our brains deceive usTop down processes their efficiency gains and accuracy costsThrough the use of heuristics cognitive shortcutso Stereotypes and social scripts are examples of heuristicsBecauseEllen Langer photocopy study The important word because suggest that there is a reason behind it Becausegood reason We dont really listen to what people have to say most of the timeWho is this Let me describe someone I knowhes short slim and likes to read poetryo Have to break the information and findings downo In the case of truck drivers and classical professors it is more likely to be the truck driver We ignore base rates making decisions based on the extent to which information seems similar to a category you have in mindo Doctors often ignore base rates of illnesses when making diagnoseso Investors often ignore base rates of business failure in a sector when making investment decisions sure looks like a good business plan Although not usually thought of in these ways the fundamental attribution error involves this basic processo When we see a certain kind of behaviour we look for a representative explanation such as the explanation that the person is just that kind of person ignoring the base rates represented by the situations common influence over peopleo Rude behaviourrude personHelpful behaviourhelpfulkind person The Power of Labels Example Framing effectso Stairs versus elevators changed to save the world versus tone your butt framing o War Department changed to Defense Departmento Conservatives say oil sands activists say tar sandso Global warming versus global climate destabilization
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