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1262011 42600 PM Attention and Memory Memory is the nervous systems capacity to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge How Does Attention Determine What is Remembered Attention is more important to your ability to function in your daily life Visual Attention is Selective and Serial According to a study done in BC we automatically identify primitive features such as colour shape orientation and movement within a particular event Parallel processing allows us to process information from different visual features at the same time by focusing on targets Auditory Attention Allows Selective Listening You can focus on a conversation in the middle of a chaotic cocktail party yet particularly pertinent stimulus such as hearing your name mentioned in another group or gossip can capture your attention Selective Attention Can Operate at Multiple Stages of Processing Filter theory was used to explain the selective nature of attention People have a limited capacity for sensory information thus they screen incoming information Change blindness is the phenomenon that demonstrates how inattentive we can be Change blindness is the common failure to notice large changes in environments What Are the Basic Stages of Memory Memory allows us to take information from our experiences and store it for retrieval laterMemorys multiple processes can be thought in three distinct phases Encoding occurs at the time of learning as information is acquired or encoded into a neutral code that the brain can use Storage can last a fraction of a second or as long as a lifetime Retrieval reaching into our memory storage to find or retrieve a previously encoded and stroed memory when we need it Psychological scientist often describe memory more specifically as a three part system that involves sensory memory short term or working memory and long term memory
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