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Dan Dolderman

Developmental psychology March 27 2012 Bottom up would be a lower level system influence of faster moving info on systemTop down is the higher level in a hierarchy that is slower moving Stabilizing contextual bits governs what the lower level bits are doing like the laws they are slow moving and govern behaviour but people can change the law by bottom up influenceCLTURECulture is a slow moving contextual structure top down Individuals can change the culture and bottom up tends to influence top downCulture reflects ecology but as ecology change so does culture change and as culture changes peoples behaviour changes too If you change the top of hierarchy then the whole system changes compared to changing something at the bottom of the hierarchy Changing of government changing whole society Change the climate then everything changesTraditional environmentalism Things are getting worse but the economy and climate witll change and we will come back to sustainable environmentCurrent environment things are bad and the system has been bad for a while it has stayed at the degraded world levelCatastrophe environmentalism past the point of no return and the world is just a nasty placeDarfur was an absolute catastrophe in terms of environment and human lives You can talk about the bad government and civil society but if you go all the way back you know there was a droght which caused changes in how people governed their land issues of water and government Hence the situation if Darfur connects back to climateCulture is affected by environment and people are affected by cultureCabon dioxide is one of the impo green house gases which causes the diff climate changes 450 ppm is safe and after that its bad and we are at about 390 at this point growing by every 2 years In 30 years we will reach that point but it is kind of hard to control the gasses which developing and developed world and their industries but its not impossible 450 takes us into the catastrophic stage and the safe threshold point is 350 We are currently at 390 and we are gonna be above 350 for pretty much the rest of our lifetime because it is hard to go back and control and reduce gasesThe way the relationship between ppl and gov is supposed to work in a democracy is that the people at the bottom should tell ppl in govt what to do and govt at the top should reflect on the peoples suggestions We have a lot of corporate influence who have alot of cash and they have direct influence over the government and media and then they have influence over the people So realistically the only way you can take a world with huge amounts of control if corporations have complete change of heart or vigorous people who speak loudly who overwhelm the voices and change top down processes We need social capital which si the glue and the trust that holds people together collectively organize Schools have school spirit which is their capital amount of power to change and voice their opinionsSocial capital comes from trust and trust comes from relationships and relationships come from structures that all them to form and facilitate relationships Jane Jacobs wrote a book death and life great American cities and said that if you want more social capital we must think of how our spacing structure is People live in one area and drive to another area to shop and world you ahve a population living in disconnected boxes Store box work box home box More you have a society that space is spread out the less social capital as you tend to chat less or meet peopleHowever living in a city like Toronto which have more stronger communities and people know each other more More integrated the space more social process like relationship which gives more social capitalWhere we are at this point we will be here for the next 1020 years where we have the possibility of changing the system dramatically but it requires the sufficient accumulation of social capital Internet and social networks have helped Developmental Psychology What happens early in a Childs life governs what happens in the rest of their livesBiology vs culture nature vs nurture Biology and culture are intertwinedif this si the case then how will we know what innate nature looks likeBabies are beings who have not had a lot of social influences happening You can look at the influence of nature not nurture as yetGenetic programming results in the actions of a baby who is not fully influences by environment yetTeratogens Alcoholdrugsviruses can cause abnormal development in the womb many chemicals pervasive in the environment fount in fetusesStress and mothers emotional state results in changes in birth rates cognitive and physical development In a society where they have technological toys and developments there is less skin to skin and parent to parent contact is significantly reduced Parents dont have to carry them around so much from one place bouncer to another thing stroller Even lack of motion Same kind of toys give them same motion which reduces the development of child motion development in the brain If you rock them hold them move them in diff ways they develop differentlyBrain development myelination formation of connection between neurons is alos dependant on proper env stimulation Growing up in a diver env versus a simplified env changes this connection and developmentChildren growing up in extreme circumstances have profoundly depend our understanding of the roll f the env in human developmentEG studies of children growing up in Romanian and other rphanages and other situations of neglect Being human is being a part of Human cultureFeral Children Children who grew up in the wildone child picked up certain words but could not use them in a proper way No language flow and vocab was that of a 3 year old child
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