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Lecture 3

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Dax Urbszat

January 24 2011Lecture 3 PSY100Components of the NeuronThe brain makes everything If it didnt we wouldntbe aliveThere are 2 main types of brain cells glea and neuronsGlea structural support transmit information to neurons and other placesNeurons brain cells that receive information Integrate information send it to the brain or from the brain or from one part of the brain to the otherWhen you learn something new there are connections dendrites If you dont use a connection you lose it Sensory neurons allows us to hear see smell touch and etcMotor neurons make our motor system work make us goInterneurons sends information from one part of the brain to the otherDendrites receive info from others neurons through tiny receptor sites Think of a lock Neurotransmitter is the key Dendrites connected to terminal buttons of neurons sending info to synapseMyelin speeds up conduction of nerve messages Electrical impulses travel faster
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