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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Lecture 6Tuesday February 28 2012Understanding peoples emotion allows for conversations relationships and suchPaul Ekman in our textbookMore Ways our Brains Deceive USThis deception is very useful it allows us to process information more efficientlyWeve talked about topdown processes their efficiently gains and accuracy costsAnother way in which we deceive ourselves some of the time is through the use of Heuristics cognitive shortcutsGuiding them through what PROBABLY happenedStereotypes and social scripts are examples of Heuristics recall the story from last lecture about the subwayBecauseEllen Langer photocopy studyWent to photocopy something asked to go in the front of the line She was in a rush and so she asked Can I bud in line but the people said no However when she said can I bud in line Im in a rush people allowed her to go ahead in front of the line It makes people behave as though you told them because you were in a rush The keyword here is because it suggests that there was a reason Who Is thisLet me describe someone I know Hes short slim and likes to read poetryThis person is far more likely to be a truck driver than a classics professor The amount of classics professor is much less than that of truck drivers therefore it is far more likely to be a truck driver statistically Ignoring Base RatesThe Representativeness heuristicMaking decisions based on the extent to which information seems similar to a category you have in mindExample doctors often ignore base rates of illnesses when making diagnosesInvestors often ignore base rates of business failure in a sector when making investment decisions it sure looks like a goo business plan Although not usually thought of in these ways the fundamental attribution error involves this basic process when you see a person behaving a certain way you assume they are that type of personExample when we see a certain kind of behaviour we look for a representative explanation such as the explanation that the person is just that kind of person ignoring the base rate represented by the situations common influence over people Pretty much everyone talks in hush tone in the library Rude behaviour rude personExample why were you rude to SallyYou were drunk tired worried sick stressed etc not actually because you were rude Example now why is Sally rude to youBecause Sally is a rude person The Power of LabelsWhen it is about the other person we are less motivated to accurately perceive what they are doing to usPage 1
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