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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Lecture 8Tuesday March 13 20121017 AMUncertaintySocial NormsWhen situations are ambiguous and were not sure what to do or what is right we rely upon others to help us make these judgements and we come to believe in these judgements The autokinetic effect Sherif 1935Number of inches of movement observed versus a group of people A visual illusion was presented to a group of people It was essentially a coloured dot that would move in the light They were first tested alone and people developed their own ideas When asked to do the same thing in a group in trial 1 the ideas are altered Up to trial 3 they all believed the dot moved the same amount of distance and therefore when they are separated again after the third trial to do individual surveying they all believed the dot had moved the same distance It demonstrates that the social group had proved their discussion to be ambiguous Conformity Asch StudyWhen told to match the line to a set of other lines the test subject along with the confederates of experiment said the same answer In this case they mentioned that line B identifies with the line and so the test subject to social norm says line b as well even tough line c was the right answer Group power It is nice to have an ally The emergence of norms and their subsequent influence Sherif 1935ConformityAsch studyResults75 of people conformed at le
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