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Lecture 7

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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 7Tuesday March 06 2012Model of family obediencebased model or dialoguebased modelBecause your political opinion are strongly dependent on which party adopts language and reasoning that is consistent with your childhoodbased views of the familyPolitics is not so much about debated and reasoning as it is about metaphor and emotionNext time you watch the news step back from the details a little and watch the language being used to manipulate youFluency Effects see Nobert SchwarzOur Rational processing of information is affected by our emotions at the time Anything that makes it more difficult for you to process information will tend to make you less persuaded by the information difficult negative emotion 2192skepticism You can be manipulated by extremely simple things such as verbal utterances of expressions that are unnecessary etc Connect the dots think about how profoundly we can be affected by our implicitly activated emotions Once triggered our emotions colour how we see everything else This is well understood by marketers and other massmanipulation expertsIts implications run deep into the psychology of mental health and illnessAs well as many social phenomena conformity addictions child abuse bullying political corruption poverty war etcFinding solutions to the problems we care about as individuals Effective Communication Or The Curse of KnowledgeThe problem with communication is that the person youre communication to does not have all the information The communicator can be communicating a bunch of useful message but the listener would just hear noise sort of Tappers and Listeners SimpleEmotional ConcreteStoriesour mission is to become the international leader in the space industry through maximum teamcentered innovation and strategically targeted aerospace initiatives Think of Rob Fords campaign He had many memorable slogans to support his campaign and of course some experience in officeThe memorable slogans were more important on an emotional level to the election more than experience A single human death is a tragedy a million is a statistic Stalin Example donate money to charity WhyStarvation stats people on average gave 114Rokia gave 238Rokia and starvation stats gave 143 Barely more effective than the stats The more statistics you give to people the more radical their thinking become It diminish the effect of the emotional story Example CATV will provide a broader entertainment and information service to itsPage 1
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