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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Psych 100 Lecture 1 thJanuary 10 Deepseated values of motivation determine success psychology provides important insights into people used in counseling teaching research corporatemaybe split chapters into those 2 sections or split concepts into two columns social science and pure sciencesss4045 Wed 24 Psy100psychutorontoca 4 of mark is experimental participationbb experiments login sign up for slot Fundamental insights of Psychinfer from conclusions1 reality is a story and is told to us by our brains We live in the world that we experience Reality is mediated to us through our sensory receptors to out brain No contact directly to reality Our brains are artisits not mirrors that reflect the reality of the world subjective reality a building process involves lots of guesswork We dont get full reality out brain gives us some bits are filled inb all of subjective representation occurs within brain Mind is what brain does Cool thing is messing with brains chemistry messes with consciousnessEx Fred experiences reality and arrows pointing to him are points he is experiencing things Fred wont experience all of the arrows that are potential available to him The sensitivity of our sensory mechanisms is limited We may not get all of frequencys or smells So we are biologically capable of experiencing everything Also we can only pay attention to so much Cant pay attention to all people faces but if talking to one person its possible Listentining to 3 convos at same time Because not everything is expereincable we must make unsconscious guesses in situations to fill in gap We are in state of confusion AS WE construct a meaningful construction of reality that is perception Ex Hearing growling and seeing dark fury object we assume its a dog He says hey doggy He just behaved based on his PERCEPTION not just reality Reality sometimes throws a curveball at us
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