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Lecture 2

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Dan Dolderman

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Lecture 2 History of psychology and measurement Science has been contexualized in a larger set of societal historical and political processesCadavers being forbidden by culture made advancement hard Post enlightenmentrise of rational self interested human divide between cognition and emotion Post biological revolutionneuroscienceinterdepence on cognition and emotionevolition of psychology follows evolution of thoughthuman psychology as mechanistic processDescartes labored in obscurity Body as a machine Lead to idea of body as complex machine Mind was nonphysical and thus nonmeachistic which could communicate to body Helmhotlz showed that time and other objective measurements could be usedWilhelm wundt said subjective and objective idea of reality must be same Develops clock that has pendulum hits bell on way down He finds that he hears the thbell before the pendulum strikes it 110 of a second is taken to switch perception modes from seeing to hearing Mental processes can be studied scientificallyDarwin cross disciplinary workth20 century CNS now on cusp of leap into systems Example Collaboration on book all smart accomp
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