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Lecture 5

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Dan Dolderman

thFeb 14 2012Lecture 5Bottom up everything new Time is experienced as slower when in a bottom up processing frameafter one is older and they can do top down processing everything is repeated experience wise so things get slower We no longer fully experience themdepressed people build a negative shema that affects their top down processing that affects everything in their livestop down is indespensible but it can lead us to error Self awareness helps lower the error in our top down processingCraik and Lockhartlong term memory is based on meaning associations Its not like we have some classification system by dewey decimalMore brain activates pattern stronger memory becomesThings are stored in pattern formsC and L levels of processing principle the ease of which we can retrieve a memory depends on the types of association that we form with that memorySuperficial processing simply repeating the material to be memori
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