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Lecture 3

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Alison Luby

PSY100 Lecture 3 January 23 2012Last weeks Dr Dimwit exercise Correlation is not causationD Critical Thinking Demo Why was the magazine so wrongIn 1936 only the wealthy had phones the wealthy would vote for LandonRandom SamplingPopulation vs Sample You need to make sure your sample looks just like your population Often researchers use a convenient sample a sample of people conveniently available for the studyBetter way is random samplingRandom sampling every population member has equal chance of being selected to participate Ensures that we can generalize our results Random sampling is essential in correlation studies more so than in experiments because it helps us avoid subject bias which occurs when research participants are not representative of the larger population Ex Cosmo polls are not representative of entire populationRandom assignment assign different people into random studies Evaluating MeasuresValidity the extent to which a measure assesses what it claims to measure what I think Im studying is what Im actually studyingReliability stability and consistency of measurements over time in similar conditionseach time you get the same resultsJust because a measure is reliable doesnt mean it is accurateEx If your scale says that your cat weights 200 lbs every time you weigh it Instrument of measurement is wrong Think of it like target hittingA measuring instrument is VALID if it measures what it intended to measure Hits the region aimed at ie accuracyIt said to be reliable if it provides measurements that are repeatable giving consistent measurements upon repeated applications hits consistently inside any one region ie PRECISIONEthics and Statistics OutlineEthical Guidelines for Human ResearchMiddlemist measured latency to urinate among men who were covertly observed in public restroomsOnset of urination was negatively correlated with the distance between the subject and another male using a nearby urinal longer to urinate the closer they were to another personWhen only 1 urinal separated the men it took about 79 s to start urinatingWhen more than 3 urinals separated the men latency was 57 s In an experimental study Middlemist blocked urinals so that participants were forced to either urinatein a urinal directly adjacent to a confederateor at one separated by an outoforder urinal between the two men
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