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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Luby

PSY100 Lecture 4 January 30 2012A Depressants Decrease activity of CNSEx alcoholEffects range from stimulationWhen doses are low relaxation mood elevation increased talkativenesslowers inhibition impairs judgementSedation when doses are higher slows thinking impairs concentration walking muscular coordination Tolerancereduction in effect of drug as a result of repeated userequires greater quantities to achieve same effectWithdrawalUnpleasant effects of reducingstopping consumption of a drug that users had consumed habitually B StimulantsIncrease activity of the CNS including heart rate respiration blood pressureEx caffeine nicotine extremely addictive acts as an acetylcholine agonist sticks to acetylcholine receptors and acts like acetylcholine induces feelings of stimulationEx cocaine euphoria enhanced mentalphysical capacity stimulation decrease in hunger indifference to pain sense of wellbeing and confidence decreased fatigue powerful reinforcer dopamine agonistcan lead to paranoia psychotic behaviour violence Ex Amphetamines include methamphetamineRestless talkative excitedInability to sleep loss of appetitePatterns of useOccasional use to postpone fatigue elevate mood lose weight Abuse becoming increasingly suspicious and hostileDeveloping paranoid delusionsInsomnia anxiety heart and memory problemsDepletion of dopamine levels C OpiatesNarcoticsrelieve pain induce sleepDerived from opium poppymorphineHeroin similar action to morphine but much more powerful Feelings of euphoriaCramps vomiting craving for the drugAttention and memory problems D PsychedelicsHallucinogensdistort perceptions alter mood affect thinkingEx marijuanaTHC delta9tetrahydrocannabinol is the active componentSense of time slowing down enhanced touch sensations increased appreciation for sounds hunger feelings of wellbeing introspection sleepiness Difficulty concentrating slowed thought anxiety Ex EcstasyMDMAhas both stimulant and hallucinogenic propertiesSerotonin important for empathy wellbeing agonistIncreases selfconfidence and wellbeing as well as producing powerful feelings of empathy for othersBut feelings of depression when in withdrawal Can lead to memory problems and an inability to perform complex tasks
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