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Lecture 8

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PSY100 March 12 2012Lecture 8 Social PsychologyThe SelfSelfschemas frameworks when we are thinking about the selfHelp us to understand the world We look at the world and other people through the same lens perceptionThe Self and CultureA Individualistic culture Autonomy selfreliance Western cultures Their selfconcepts are very INDEPENDENT I am shy I am happyB Collectivistic cultureSocial harmony cooperation Eastern cultures INTERDEPENDENT self concepts I am a son a student how you relate to other people Ex Singelis 1994 Scale of Independence and Interdependence Cultural Conceptions of Self B is overlapping with others Selfawareness the state of sensing the self as the object of attentionVery aware of our discrepanciesThis causes us to act more in line with others Our values very salient Frontal lobes very involved in selfawareness which are very developed in humans SelfesteemEvaluative affective element of the self concept The feelings we have towards ourselves evaluation of whether we are good or bad humans
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