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Lecture 10

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Alison Luby

PSY100 Lecture 10 Psychological and Biological TreatmentsApril 2Psychotherapyintervention designed to help people resolve emotional behavioural and interpersonal Who goes to therapyWomen and Caucasian Americans more likely Who benefitsPatients with anxiety are more motivated to get help so their prognosis is good People who are better adjusted to begin with Choice of therapist tends to be more important than choice of therapy Types of TherapiesInsight therapygoal of expanding awarenessinsight includes psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapiesFreuds PSYCHOANALYSIS was the first form of psychotherapy unconscious feelings cause abnormal behaviour goal of therapy is to make the unconscious conscious Six approaches1 Free association patients just report whatever memoriesfeelings come to mindrecollections unstem from unconscious desires of the id2 Dream analysisFreud believed in manifest and latent content of dreams 3 Interpretationformulate explanations from the free associations and dream analysis Bring latent content to consciousness 4 Resistancetry to avoid confrontation might discontinue therapy when you get really deep 5 Transferanceprojecting intense unrealistic feelings
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