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PSY100 - Emotions

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

EMOTIONS - PSY100 Oct2209 Stereotypes -> Behaviors o Bargh, Chen & Burrows; prime elderlyneutral through sentence- unscrambling task o Elderly condition: old, grey, wise, bingo, wrinkle, ancient, knits, etc o Neutral condition: other words (real experiment is the time they take to walk) o After this part of exp, people done, elderly walk slower and neutrals faster o Stereotypes automatically trigger systematic behavior o Another exp: flash pics of Black and White subliminally (13-26 ms), while they perform computer task (judge if odd or even number of circles); after 150 trials, error message failure saving data, you have to start again, o DVs: how hostileirritableuncooperative subjects, experimental rate based on interaction with participants, blind coders made ratings based on tape o People who were subliminally shown black faces were more hostile, same rating with exp and blind coders - Stereotypes can cause us to harm someone; prejudice not mentioned; effects driven by racists in samples of subjects?; effects stronger for racists than egalitarian?can people overcome biases and stereotype-driven perceptionbehavior - General question: can we control cognitive-behavioral processes; if possible, what circumstances allow control and how can control be learned effectively - Psychologists look at self-regulation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, delay- gratification, performance, secondary coping strategies, pre-frontal cortex, etc - The more general question is whether can control cognitive-behavioral processes Emotions - Improving lives = improve emotional state, key to well-being, health, longevity, relationship, motivations, etc - Positive and negative emotion: is happiness opposite of sadness; Occurs independently, associated with diff neural and motivational processes; ambivalence
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