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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 in full depth

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Michael Inzlicht

Devlepmental Psychology--march 29-11 What is it? Asks questions like What is human nature? -Is human nature biologically developed or environmentally People thought it was one or the other for the last half century You cant just predetermine where people will go -THere are many perspectives on it--some completely environmentally driven -Genes expression is important, genetic dispostions are activated by the environment -So if someone had a specic genetic dispostion and a clone was made of that person, depending on the environment they are placed in, will determine whether the clone will come out exactly the same or dierent , because the environment activates certain genes -So -There is a relationship between nature, nurture-- being the biological nature and the environment they are exposed to--intertwined BABIES Babies--pure idea of development, not contaminated by environement Infants development is predictable, right down to the day, they are not running around before they roll over, go through development one stage at a time are many environemntal factors contributing inuence their rate of development , for e.g in womb, alcohol syndrome, etc, or moms emotional state also eects babies, because it is hormonal and biologically transferred through the body--eect neurological development, also stress of mom eects her baby, and moms stress level eected by nances, not safe neighbourhood vs safe neighbourhood, her husband, her job, etc -There is dynamic interwoven interplay between neurobiology you are born with and how those genes are turned on, which can be seen by development and IQ test later on -culture has a dynamic inuence on infant development, such as infants sleeping on their stomachs used to be normal, but after the pediatric association said that infants who sleep on their stomachs will be more prone to suocation, and developed campaigns for babies to sleep on their back but as a result can not learn to crawl as fast as they had done previously --u are like a turtle on your back, and if on their stomach, their muscles will develop faster -therefore, beliefs in culture results in many unknown changes, like with the babies -Mylienation of the brain of babies depends on how much nutrition the baby recieves, enriched environment, etc---biology depends on environment -e.g abandoned children who grew up with no or little parental inuence, and grew up not as
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