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Lec 1 notes

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Alison Smith

HLTB01 – Lec 1 Ataxia – inability to balance -vous in French for respect of elderly -humour good form of medication with ppl in pain *RESPONSIBLE FOR CURRENT EVENTS IN HEALTHCARE  will be tested on *BE AWARE OF MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS -new theory of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Italy  vascular disease blockages in veins and necks b/c of block in azygos vein; it reflexes back in the brain cause of deposits *Azygos vein -located along the right side of the thoracic vertebral column, carries deoxygenated blood from areas of the chest and abdomen to the heart -treatment: Liberation Therapy (-form of angioplasty) -a theory is an assumption  guess at best -don’t have national homecare for elderly on avg ppl receive 1-3 hrs of homecare/week -who will look after elderly? -approve/disprove Euthanasia  physician assisted suicide  we think in diff way if we are well – diff if we are presented w/ challenge physicians deciding our own fate? -healthcare is health-business  there is a finite budget  Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)  Europe – issues in health care  Canada – we have to do something about it -longer wait times and shortage of physicians -increase in aging is a problem; social services cut and tax increase and more private health care to offset public health care cost -growth of public health spending must be reduced; current rate is 8% -the cost to treat ppl w/ diabetes is $5 billion/year -ad campaigns how to eat/exercise properly  declining cost w/ spending on diabetes; present thru lifestyle change -mental illness also costs  associated with more loss in work than any other chronic condition  costs $51 billion annually -Opthamologist  no licensed for surgery???? -1 in 5 who bill 1 million or more – bill for Opthamologist -cataracts for older ppl -glaucoma -macular degeneration Investment Nursing education -issues of dementia – 13% of population this year became older for cases of dementia -Alzheimer’s Society  rising tide: impact of dementia on Cdn society  Dementia occurs every 5 min; in the future, every 2 min -providing prevention – healthy debts, physical activity, increasing funding to learn more -Ad campaigns scare us of aging – no wrinkles try to scare and sell creams -all of us think to look 40 when 50 -but if we are 20  you don’t want to look 10 -conditioned to fear process of aging -follow trends in Hollywood  we buy into what we are told  What is wisdom? -knowledge come but wisdom lingers -Aging of population and they will scared even more  aging process is plastic  many debate when late life begins A&G: Chapters 1 +12 -Psychosocial Gerontologists look at aspects of aging (health psychology) -Butler & Greenhouse offer distinction b/w aging and disease (not associated with process of diseases) -holistic approach of environment Biomedical model: used by physicians; biology changes w/ old chan
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