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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 11 October 22 How Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviours Interact We cant ultimately separate reason from emotion How do stereotypes behaviours? Bargh, Chen, Burrows (1996) In the mid-90s, a study was done looking at the stereotype of elderly Priming: implanting a construct in peoples minds They primed elderly or neutral through sentence-unscrambling task Elderly prime: old, grey, wise, bingo, Florida, wrinkle, ancient, knits, etc Neutral prime: regular sentences They are told the experiment is over and they can leave They watched the speed at which people walked How long did it take them to walk to the elevator? Ppl that were primed for elderly walked slower! Simply associating ppl with words will form a construct in their heads and affect their behaviours Bargh, Chen, Burrows (1996) another study Flash pics of black faces or white faces subliminally, while subjects perform a computer task Task: 4 to 25 circles will appear in a little square on screen. Task is to judge as quickly as possible whether there are an odd or even number of circles 130 trials later F11 error: failure saving data, experimenter says they will have to start over How hostile, angry, uncooperative were subjects? Ppl that were flashed black faces were more hostile How can you control cognitive, behavioural, emotional processes? Positive and Negative Emotions: Is Happiness the Opposite of Sadness? They are 2 separate systems of psychological processes They occur independently in different brain areas Associated w different neural & motivational processes
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