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Psychology notes - developmental psychology (Dolderman)

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Developmental Psychology November-22-11 11:09 AM Developmental psychology - Biology vs. culture, naturevs. nurture - Given that they'realways intertwined,how can we know whetherwhere is such a thing as "innate" human nature and whatthat would look like? Babies - Prenataland infant development progressin highly predictable waysand are largely the result of genetic programming - Of course even prenataland infant development are affected by environmental factors ○ Ex. Teratogens like alcohol,viruses, drugs… can cause abnormal development in the womb;many chemicals pervasive in the environment are now found in fetuses ○ Ex. Stress, the mother's emotional state ---> birth weight, cognitive and physical developmentof the baby ○ Ex. After birth, treat boys and girls differently… - Brain development(myelination,formation of connection between neurons) is also dependenton proper environmental stimulation, nutrition… The role of the environment - Some examples of children growing up in extreme circumstanceshave profoundlydeepened our understanding of the role of the environmentin humandevelopment ○ Ex. Studies of childrengrowingup in Romanian and other orphanages, and other situations of neglect,very little social contact….. Very horrible environments - Feral children- grown up raised by animals - behave exactly like wild animalsthat raised them, they can never reach the level of emotional and speech responses that normalhumans are like ○ Extremecases like these show us that being humanis, like pretty much everythingwe've learned about, more like a skill than an innate ability;it's somethingwe learn throughpractice, bathedin language, cultural practicesand affection - The importance of human contact ○ A key theme in developmental psych ○ Who we are dependson an extraordinarydegree on the humancontact we have throughout our lives, from learningto languageto developinga sense of emotional security, to adoptingbeliefs, habits…. ○ The central part of this process is the formationof attachment Attachment - The bond that develops between the caregiverand child, the emotional connection - It's like an emotional memory, laying the foundationfor our emotional systems, our basic sense of security and trust in others - Babies are designed to form attachments,and elicit attachment forming behavioursfrom adults ○ Ex. Holding out arms, crying… ○ Adults respondalmostautomatically Infantsare social beings - Even very young infantshave highly interactive relationships ○ Ex. Emotional attunement: infantsas young as 10 weeks get extremelyupset when their mothers stop showing any facial expressionsof emotion - The implicationsof this are huge!! ○ Ex. Maternal depressionin first two months - insecureattachment, poor emotion regulation,learned helplessness,even depressionlater in life (akin to early trauma) - By 8 months,infants of unresponsive mothersare developing uncaring emotions One place where behaviourismbreaksdown - Some very common parenting wisdom is to reward the good,punish/ignorethe bad so it extinguishes - But this doesn't work in infants. Letting them cry it out, leaving them alone during tantrums, trying to avoid making them whiney - these strategies backfire,creating a child who feels scared, alone, unlovedand powerless - Parent'scomfort and soothing is transmitted through touching to the kid Harlow'smonkeys Harlow'smonkeys - They raised 60 rhesus monkeys away from their mothers,6-12 hours after birth, nursed with bottles, and showed that these monkeys grew up healthy, but a curious observation was made….. ○ "duringthe course of these studies we noticed that the lab raised babies showedstrong attachment to the cloth pads,diapers whichwere
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