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Psychology notes - history of psychology (Dolderman)

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Dan Dolderman

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History of Psychology September-15-11 12:33 PM History - Science has always been contextualizedin a larger set of societal/historical/political/ideological/economicprocesses ○ Ex. Theological/religiousbarriers impede the process of physiological sciences and therefore,psychology - The history of psychology is fairly recent - Direct study of human body was forbidden - Doctrines regarding human exemptionalism, therefore,impossible to learn about human functioningthrough animal studies - Post enlightenmentgave the rise of the supposed rational, self-interestedhuman, deep divide between cognition and emotion, emphasis on the individual as the unit of analysis - Post biological revolution and neuroscience - remerging of cognition and emotion, emphasis on interdependencebetween the individual and the group - Much of the rest of the history of psychology can be described as a struggle to answer questionsthat emerge from mind-bodydualism Human psychology as mechanistic processes - Descartes: 1600s - proposed a systematic account of the body as a machine, physiological processes described in terms of mechanistic interactions, controlled by hydraulics and mechanics, thus, human and animal bodies were complicated machines, consistent with the mechanistic zeitgeist of the time Mind-body dualism - However, what set humans apart from animals was the mind, w
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