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Psychology notes - social psychology (Dolderman)

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Social Psychology November-01-11 11:12 AM Behaviour= f(person x environment) The power of the situation - When you see a person doing x and you wonder why, look first at their circumstances, before drawing any conclusions about what kind of person he is (fundamental attributionerror) - But then, some people are jerks - Good Samaritan study - late vs. on time ○ If they're on time, they help, if they're late, they don't do anything under time pressure - Kitty Genovese: New York 1964 ○ Attacked in the middle of the night in the parking lot, she screams, people look out the windows, criminal leaves, she tries to get away, attacker comes back and kills her. Nobody did anything until it was too late, there were 38 people who knew that something bad was happening,but no one called the police. Has people turned into uncaring, selfish people who don't care about our neighbours?  Diffusion of responsibility □ Maybe it was because there were 38 people watching that no one did anything - there are other people watching, someone must have already did something, I don't want to get involved. "someone else will do it" □ Individuals take responsibility (ex. Self-awareness studies on money, Halloween candy, value congruence) you put a mirror in front of someone about to take money, they see themselves in the mirror and become self aware □ People lose their identity to the group □ Who IS responsible?? If all your friends jumped off the bridge, would you? - The power of social influence - The social environment - In some ways, we all know that social norms are important ○ Ex. Choosing what to wear Social influence - Making your lawn free of dandelionslike all your other neighbours - Dressing the same - in group validation (a group of people all dressing the same) - The power of social norms ○ Fashion, binge drinking, safe sex, drinking and driving, smoking, drug use, eating disorders, racist jokes, hair styles, music, jaywalking….. ○ And taking shorter showers, conserving water….. Seizure study - The more people there are, the lower the percentage of them helping the person "supposedly" having a seizure because everyone thinks someone else will help - When there's only one person, there's 90% of people helping Sitting in a smoke-filled room Sitting in a smoke-filled room - Pluralistic ignorance: disjunction between private beliefs and public behaviours, where the group norm overwhelms individual beliefs - Also applies to repressive political systems, destructivesocial patternslike racism, unhealthybehaviours such as binge drinking, not puttingyour hand up in class, not
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