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Psychology notes - perception (Dolderman)

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Dan Dolderman

Perception October-04-11 11:15 AM Before they can construct perceptions, our brains have to learn how… - What our brains see in the present depends on what we see in the past ○ Ex. Raised kittens who from birth were only allowed to see out of one eye, result - cells in the visual cortex respond almost entirely to signals from the normal eye, so that the blocked eye is functionally disconnected from the brain  What we learned from cats - in a gradual, bidirectional process of brain environment adaptation, experience teaches our brains how to perceive reality, giving us knowledge about what the world looks like What knowledge does the brain use to guide perception? 1. Chronic habits of the mind - highly accessible pieces of information (habits of the mind) 2. Whatever is currently or very recently on your mind - the particular knowledge structures that are activated and can guide information processing Top-down processing - The various "rules" the brain uses to construct representations of the world - The brain evolved to detect patterns and to make the external environment coherent - Many illusions occur as a result of misleading contextual cues - We have looked at how our brains construct a reasonable representation of reality, based on limited information - They learn to do this through an iterative process of bottom-up learning, which informs top-down processes of construal - This process of construction occurs for the most basic perceptions as well as much more complex and abstract perceptions Subliminal perception: the myth - In 1957, James Vicary flashed the words "drink Coca-Cola" and "hungry? Eat popcorn" onto a movie screen - He claimed sales of coke went up, but la
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