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Steve Jorden

Psych Week 1 lecture 1 9/15/2012 10:34:00 AM Why psychology so young science?  It’s at fun point  1860 is when a lot of scientist started to discover psychology  It’s all about the soul to an extent  For many years humans though of themselves as souls and everything around us is material but we have a soul and we are something different  You can not apply god science  Science is not anti religion but they don’t believe in the laws of religion Back in the days  People had way to explain thing.  They divided up everything into 4 different parts: EARTH, WATER, AIR, AND FIRE o The Earth thing liked to hang out by other earth things and water things like to hang out with other water things and vise versa o Animism: suggesting something has a soul  Magic  When you understand what magicians do their tricks you no longer see the magic because you know what is happening What about humans ?  Does intelligence disappear when you understand it?  When computers can do the same things as humans do they have a soul too? Dualism: A Foot in the Door: Rene Descartes  Had a hard time fitting in when he was young  He was asked to walk around Paris, he went to this park where they had a new feature  Goddess of the hunt, he started to approach the statue and then another statue moved  He started to do research on animals  Had no mercy on them… performed surgery on them while still alive and awake  He though that animals were Roberts and they couldn’t feel anything  Dualism: We have two different nature, part material and part soul o Rene though that humans were hydraulic But our bodies have souls as well o We have physical body it acts in a materialist way but it was controlled by our soul, John Locke (1632-1704)  Even the human mind is a machine, he said that the whole human body and mind is a machine  All of human behaviour that is there for research  La Table Rassa: We are born knowing nothing  people we become is through our experiences and that who we become  very extreme view  Empiricism: Ideas needs to be tested, we need to conduct experiments and not just expect other people’s theories James mill: (1773 – 1836)  Materialisms: We do not have a soul everything in the university that follows the physical law o There is no religion or spiritual view in this  very extreme Why should we believe any of this?  Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) o Most scientist did things as hobbies o Had a cut our a frog leg and put electricity on and make it look alive by the application of the electricity Johannes Muller (1801-1858  The nerve fibers that are connected throughout the bodies  Its not about the wires but its about where they start and where they end  They seem to have a specific job  He said that brain is like the machine brain has specific nerves connecting different area Pierre
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