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Lecture 7 - Probability and Samples

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Alison Luby

PSY201H1F L7 Nov 3 2011Ex Distribution of Sample Means n2Population2 4 6 8 Probability and Samples The Distribution of Sample Means ISamples and PopulationsCan choose thousands of potential samples from our pop so have to worry about sampling error dif samples will differ from each other so they wont necessarily have the same sample means etcHow do we determine relationship btwn samplespops since so many potential samplesDistr of sample means n16Ex Population of GRE scores pop meanADistribution of Sample Means500 Distribution of sample means Pattern formed by the set of possible samplesSet of sample means for all possible random samples of a specific size n that can be selected from a popA predict sample characteristicsllows us toBeen determining zscoresprobabilities of single scoresIn psychology usually have samples w many indivs in it so need to make inferences about the sample mean rather than a single scoreSampling Distribution Distr of sample Samples of N10 observations of GRE meansscoresDif from a distr of scores because sample means are statisticsA statistic obtained by selecting all possible samples of a specific size from a popVery important distrSample means pile up around pop mean because representative of the populationPile of sample means tends to be normally distributedRare to find sample means really far from mLarger sample sizeSample means typically closer to m so smaller spread of sampling distr of mean
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