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Lecture 3

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Gillian Rowe

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PSY220LECTURE 3Chapter 3 Central Tendency Class Intervals Revisited Chapter 2Consider nature assume continuous and precision of data452 452 457 46145 465 46620 47144 47374 47591 47870 482 484 4899 49062 493 496 49640 500 500 508Here some data points are whole numbers some have greater precisionDetermine level of precision of data by looking at the most precise data point in set Preferred way to determine lower boundary for first class interval is to determine the real limit below lowest value in data set here 452But some data not whole numbers precise to the hundredth Need to take this into consideration and set real limits accordinglyremember boundaries set up on the halvesTo find the number of class intervals50845256 round up to 60 there are roughly 60 values in this set so create 6 intervals with an interval width of 10 there wont be much data in each interval because its a small data set so it describes data well very representative Range60 interval width10 number of intervals6 Must include real limitsdue to the score 49062 needs one extra value after the decimal therefore every interval goes to the 005 if it was 4905 would be 05 Proportion is also called relative frequency fNpercentage p100Culminative start from bottom use percentages and add them up as you go up the table total should be 100 To find the percentile of a value Class Interval f pCumulativefrequency proportion X482 interval 479005489005 10 points in that interval width 4990055090053 32015 15 100 4890054827005489005499005 5 52025 25 85 rd6070055299553 percentile 479005489005 2 22010 10 60 If you have the percentile 469005479005 4 42020 20 50 60537 459005469005 3 32015 15 30 4890057482005449005459005 3 32015 15 15 found on page 56 of the textbook
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