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Lecture 4

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

Lecture 3 F ratio: Repeated Measures The same as before - the general ratio There are no individual differences explaining the differences between treatment conditions Partition the denominator further - error variance is the actual denominator Between treatment variances Random/chance errors Within treatment variances Random/chance errors Individual differences - different people in each treatment condition Repeated measures N = total number of scores n = total number of participants (same participants in each treatment condition) Stage 2 Summary table Degrees of freedom for error, not within treatment Practice summary table (numbers left to right) SS = 2, df = 1, F = 4.00 SS = 21, df = 48 SS = 9, df = 24 df = 24, MS = 0.5 Total = 49 Hypothesis testing Df total = N-1 N = df + 1 Df = (k-1)(n-1) n = [(k-1)(n-1)]/(k-1) + 1 Practice Question: H0 : M1=M2=M3 H1: There is at least one difference among the treatment means Stage 1 Partitioning of SS Ss total = 354 - (60)^2/15 = 114 Ss within = 14+30+30 = 74 Ss between treat= 114-74 = 40 Parti
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