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Lecture 6

Lecture 6: Correlation [PSY 202]

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Mandy Wintink

Notes adapted from Dr Ashley WaggertonDentons Lecture SlidesLecture 6 Correlation A recap on the 4 canons of science 1 Determinism things are orderly systematic a Eg theories variables 2 Empiricismbest way of knowing any kind of knowledge is by observing collecting data 3 Parsimonythe simpler the explanation the better4 Testabilityconfirmabledisconfirmable CorrelationDescribes quantifies two existing variables o Eg two variables measured from same individual3 pieces of information within a correlation o DIRECTIONPositiveNegativeo FORMLinear straight lineCurvilinear o STRENGTH0no relationship1perfect relationshipUsually data is organized into scatterplots Uses of a correlation 1 Prediction a Use knowledge of one variable X to predict other variable Y 2 Test Validity of new measures a Convergent validity i New measure of anxiety should strongly correlate with existing measures of anxiety b Discriminant validity i New measure of anxiety should NOT strongly correlate other measures eg the measure of selfesteem 3 Reliability of measures a Is this data stable over time other conditions 4 Theory verification a Eg verifying if aggression variable X is associated related correlated with exposure to violent media variable Y WARNING CORRELATIONCAUSATION
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