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University of Toronto St. George
John Vervaeke

Ivy Quach PSY210H1S Lecture 3 – Jan 23 2012 Erik Erikson Psychosocial issues that drove intra-psychic conflict Maybe you are a dynamical system running on your brain and body. You self is not any aspect of your body. Exaptation: taking a device already in place and modify so it can be used for something else. Not perfect for something else. Tongue: highly sensitive, making sound between 2 words, must also be extremely flexible. Mastication: moving food around for chewing, tasting, poison detector Brain and Evolution: Evolution will layer and add complexity functions to the trait. Brain is layered in a fashion, built on top of one another that provides more abilities and functions. Taping into the same mechanism and machinery, lying, washing mouth more. Freud Kludge designed :explain kludge design and exaptation (modify device for other purpose) Design and development is driven in attempt to reduce and solve intraphysic conflict. Machine-machine of machine in conflict in each other to make another machine. Through the idea that you have to systems that conflict it causes you to create and solve problem; improving yourself and problem solving ability. Telelogical and philosophical Freud Psycho-sexual These stage propels that stage that comes after. Freud’s theory is wrong, but there is a insight in his ideas. Insights: 1. Concept of intelligent unconscious processing: a. Consciousness (Lack of Consciousness) and Unconscious Ivy Quach PSY210H1S b. Cognition and behaviour operating intelligently outside of unconscious awareness and
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