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John Vervaeke

Ivy Quach PSY210H1S th Lecture 10 – Mar 26 2012 Concrete vs Abstraction Concrete (Centration) Moving towards scientific method The scientific revolution (inversted) • It involves using scientific reasoning to explain certain phenomena • Use Unfamiliar to explain familiar o Ex. Atoms are the building blocks of things around us Piaget – terminal stage of development, when one can reason scientifically, development stops and and is halted. Possible  Actual Concrete Operational child does opposite, and moves from actual to possible, taking what is known to explain the unknown. Comon sense reasoning is similar to concrete operational stage. Using the example of Sam  Tom  Susan (Married) (Unmarried or unmarried)Unmarried Sam looks at Tom, Susan looks at Tom. Who you attempt to know more about? Most people would answer and pick Tom, people would say you need to know more about Tom. Most people move from Actuality (knowing)  Possible nd But you could also use Possible  Actuality ( Knowing), the 2 option is the scientific method, and the objective method that looks for possible and discover new information. However most people select the The point here is that there is more continuity, people engage in more common sense reasoning than scientific reasoning. There is a monolithic change of model of the mind. The table of possibilities Concrete Operational Child (COC) Ivy Quach PSY210H1S All the variables are conflated together and you jump to conclusions Formal Operational Child (FOM) Piaget suggest that this stage is the final stage of qualitative change. However Piaget can’t explain the common sense reasoning that occurs. - - - People do bad on abstract reasoning when you present them with a scenario, however if you make it concrete with (actual example) people do better. This is known as the Content Effect, where you simplify the scenario and give examples. Metasystemic Reasoning ( Common & Richard, 2007) Formal System – you can’t derive strong logic from weak logic, but you can get strong logic by adding axioms to our system. You can’t get stronger logic from working in the same system. You would need to transcend & integrate. Metasystemic Old System
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