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Psy210 lec 1 nothingLec 2Jan 16 2012 Qualitative difference in learningChangeWhat we know what we are capable of doing Rise of the moral evaluation of childrenrecognize it is worse than killing adults The children are both radically different to us and radically relevant to us Radically continuous with us but in ancient world children make sense of their environmentby studying them we can study current adult stage One View children are not fundamentally difft from us Idea of development Quantitative change and quality change 5 basic reasons why you want to study child psy 1 understand how it is changingchildhood By studying how dominant changes find imptotherwise hidden properties study of qualitative in sth as complex as human cognition cognition is developedStudying cognition is central to our understanding of adult behavior 2 by unifying conceptsexplain the worldunified explanations are more powerful Often we can unify our explanations of differences in current behavior by tracing things back to a common origin However we must be aware of what fallacygenetic fallacy conclusion is suggested based solely on something or someones origin rather than its current meaning or context 3 issues of balancing experiment outcome become less and less similar to the real world situationno perfect experiment Science uses idealization Sicence is caught in the forever problem of balancing ecological or external validity with experimental precisionTheres no perfect way of solving that problem Thats why interpretations and argumentations are irremovable from science with children we have a unique opportunity they are super like us but they are real and they are real causes of us They are an actually existing causally relevant simplification They are not perfect but having them as basis of studying our own cognition is helpful children is more simplified version of us and they are real and they are the real causes of us Thus we get a more idealized solution 4Science seeks to intervening the world not just to represent it Intervene the childhood development The earlier you intervene the longer impact you will have 5In additionyou want to study children because they are weird We are intrigued by things that are very similar and different to us3 philosophical Frameworksppl try to set up theory into intellectual debatevery complex and difficult to get the solid dataDifferent interpretative positions ppl take on what is human psychology Human nature Hows it developed What did ppl emphasize Neglect
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