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WEEK 1LECTURE: History & Theories (Chapter 1) A. Course Policies & Syllabus B. Historical Roots of Psychology a. Greek Philosophers b. Age of Enlightenment C. Birth of Developmental Psychology as a Scientific Field a. Darwin’s Baby Biographies b. Stanley Hall, founder of Developmental Psychology c. Alfred Binet d. John Watson e. Other key players (Freud, Piaget, Vygotsky, etc) D. Movie on Prenatal Development WEEKS 2 LECTURE: Methodology; Prenatal Development (Chapters 2 & 3) A. What is Developmental Psychology? B. Review and Expansion on Sections B through D from Lecture 1 a. Empiricist vs. Nativist b. William Blatz & the Dionne Quintuplets c. Discussion of Movie on Prenatal Development C. Major Themes in Developmental Psychology Research a. Nature vs. Nurture? b. Continuous or Stagelike? c. What Drives Change? d. Domain Interaction? e. How Predictive/Critical are Early Stages? D. Theoretical Approaches to Developmental Psychology a. What is a theory? b. Basic versus Applied Psychology c. Biological Approach i. Ethological Theory (Lorenz) 1. Critical Periods d. Structural Organismic Approach i. Freud ii. Erikson iii. Piaget e. Learning Approach i. Behaviourism (Skinner, Watson) 1. Classical conditioning 2. Operant conditioning ii. Cognitive Social Learning (Bandura) iii. Information Processing f. Contextual i. Sociocultural (Vygotsky) g. Modern Theories (e.g. Neo-Piagetian) E. Methodological Approaches to Developmental Psychology a. Direct Observation b. Structured Observation c. Correlational Method d. Experiment i. Random Assignment ii. Independent/Dependent Variable e. Field Experiment f. Observer Bias g. Cross-sectional vs. Longitudinal vs. Case Study WEEK 3LECTURE: Methodology; Prenatal Development (Chapter 4) A. Stages of Human Development (zygote to toddler) a. Fetal auditory development b. Fetal reflexes B. Scientific M
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