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Jason Plaks

THE ALTRUISM CONTROVERSY Is there such thing as true altruism? Why do people help? 1.learning 2.arousal 3.norms 1. Behaviourism: Helping is the by-product of the individuals conditioning history. altruism vs. prosocial behavior 2. Arousal model: Cialdini et al. (1987) negative state relief model: 1.arousal 2.labeling that arousal with a particular emotion 3.the label thats generated is cued by situational features Cialdini et al. (1987) found that people are less likely to help someone if immediately before the opportunity to help they receive praise or money, or if people are led to believe that helping does not improve mood. www.notesolution.comDoes Cialdini believe in pure altruism? vs. Batson (1991) empathy-altruism hypothesis 1.negative state relief does occur, but: can perspective-taking, which leads to empathic concern 3.there are individual differences: for a certain (significant) subset of subjects, receiving rewards before the helping opportunity did not diminish their likelihood of helping. Batson (1981) -Upon arrival, Ps told that upcoming study involves peoples task performance under unpleasant conditions. One of the Ps will perform a task while receiving mild electric shocks, the other will observe. -Lots drawn (actually rigged) you win, other subject (actually a confederate) loses, gets hooked up to a scary machine. -After receiving several trial shocks, Elaine squirms with pain, and tells the experimenter about a frightening childhood experience when she was thrown from a horse against an electric fence.
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