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Lecture 1

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Jennifer Fortune

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Lecture 1  Behavior is influenced by other people (even imagined presence of people/ rules etc)  Objective truth is often not as important as a person’s private perspective. How other people can affect us:  How others act/see us affects what we do and how we see ourselves  Behavior diff alone vs. public. Social Psychology:  Empirical findings > intuition.  Hindsight bias – people think “I knew it all along”; thinking events as more predictable than before the event occurred. Contradictory proverbs:  i.e Birds of a feather flock together vs. opposites attract.  Basis of research: our intuition on how people act and the extent of which it is true. History of Soc. Psych:  Triplett watched cyclists: they performed better when racing against another person vs. just time trial. o Brought children in lab to wind fishing reel as fast as they can. Found the ones racing against another child were faster than ones racing against a clock. o Having other people around sometimes improves performance.  Floyd Allport: the cheerleader for experimental soc. Psych. o Wrote one of the first textbooks about social psych.  WWII: o Many psychologists fled Nazi regime at the time. o Many people wanted to explain why atrocities happened. (make sure they never happen again) o Military started to sponsor research o Kurt Lewin – “father of modern psych”; persons behavior is a function of that person’s traits AND environment they live in.
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