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PSY220 chapter 8Conformity any change in behavior caused by another person Conformity encompasses both compliance and obedienceCompliance a change in behavior that is requested by another person or group Obedience a change in behavior that is ordered by another person or groupInformational influence influence from other people that is motivated by a desire to be correct and obtain accurate info Normative influence occurs when people are influenced by other to gain rewards or avoid punishmentBoth informational influence and normative influence can happen simultaneously Social Norm is a rule or guideline about what behaviours are proper and improper in situations Autokinetic Effectin a darkened room a stationary point of light will appear to move periodically When you are put in a dark room with a stationary light you have no frame of reference and therefore think that the light is moving aroundillusionwhen alone the movemnets were scattered and far apart but when in a group the measurements seemed to converge Different groups converged on different norms but usually no more than 25 cm apart from eachothers measurments When a confederate was introduced testing with the confederate for the first 50 trials seemed to establish a group norm for the next 50 alone The person kept the answers near what the confederate said When the confederates were replaced with nieve participants through 11 genereations it showed that group norms can be established and held for long periods of time The asch line test participants were put in a room with 11 other confederates that when asked the length of the line the other 11 answered unanimously wrong this caused the participant to change to conform in 100 of 123 the other 23 answered correct all the time Cruchfield apparatus a machine that consists of an electrical panel with several rows of lights it allows the efficient study of conformity by stimulating the responses of numerous hypothetical participantso Eeveryone knew eachothers answers and the experimenter would give the wrong ones on the lights just so that the subjects would follow suit o Establishing group norms is much easier when the tasks become more difficultBut it is easy to conform due to being unsure about the answer and also easy to not conform because people will have different answers on a difficult tasko High selfesteem is in direct relation to how well people conform High self esteem little conformity and the opposite for lowo Also as people get older they feel less needy to comply with others The peak is around 9 years old People from individualist cultures tend to have independent self concepts and people from collectivist cultures tend to have interdependent self concepts Women tend to conform a little bit more than men due to various possibilities The 6 compliance techniqueso Foot in the door technique if you can get someone to agree to a small request then he or she is more likely to agree to a much larger request putting the sign in the front yard experiment Selfperception processes when people accept a small amount of their time or effortfor a good cause or reason this makes them internally label them selves as helpful people This will make compliance with the second request much easierConsistency theory if people accept a small reqest they might find it inconsistent to not accept the latterPeople who score high in the preference for consistency test are easily succeptible to foot in the dooro Door in the Face techniqueis begun by making a massive request that is surely going to get turned downafter it was denied they then make a much smaller request that is still quite sizable the person is much more compliant now Norm of reciprocity we shoulr reciprocate favors done for us This can help the door in the face technique due to the second offer seeming like a concession on the other persons behalf The subject thinks that they are getting a favor done and should repay the persono The free gift Technique done by giving a gift to someone randomly with a small request Like this calander is an unconditional gift but we would appreciate any donation possibleo Low Ball Technique done usually by giving a great deal only to later void the deal for a small increased compromise Like getting a great deal on a car then only to find that the sales man talked to the rep and he said that it cant happen but for another 1000 it will worko The scarcity technique opportunities seem more valuable to us when they are less available Sales are always followed with limited time offer last sale of the year ect When a cookie was taken from a full jar it was seen as less desirable then when it was taken from a near empty jaro The Liking Technique we are more likely to comply with the requests of people we like than with the requests of people we dislike The norm of obedience to authority refers to peoples knowledge that legitimate authorities should be obyed Choice allows obiedience to go away like in the milgrim experiment only the teachers who were not proded and were not told repeatedly and were given their own choice went to level 10 then stopped vs the previous level 30Engaging in social comparison when you dont know what to do is a type of informational influenceNormative influences are best seen in keeping self presentation with strangerswe want them to like us
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