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Trope, Uleman, etc.

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Jason Plaks

Trope ModelCurrent situation disambiguates behavioreg crying at a funeral The situation often creates discountingtears at a funeral are not seen as indicative of a sad person as tears at a party But it can also lead to augmentationcrying at a party means person is sadPrior behavioursyou know that the person always cries Prior behaviours strengthen dispositional attributions Action identificationtears of sadnessDispositionalsad personUlemanPeople can spontaneosuly make trait attributions without being aware of doing soExperimentParticipants read about behaviours which implied certain traits Latersubjects given cued recll task1 Semantic cuerelated to something that happened in the sentense but nothing to do with traits Eg Bookslibrarian2 Trait cueeg helpful3 No cueResultsbar graphBoth sem and trait cues imporoved recall equallyThis suggests that when people read a sentence of a person performing an act they go beyond the info given and make a dispositional attributionEncoding specificityitems or events which are encoded together can serve as retrieval cuesTulvingremember words in class or underwater study Trait info encoded at the time of reading about behaviors Ie ppl make spontaneous trait inferences outside of awerenessGilbertPeople are also capable of undoing automatic inferences Many obstacles to this Cognitive busynesscognitive loadGilbert Model1 Automatic behav iden2 Automatic characterization Uleman part3 Controlled situational correctionThe third step requires more effort harder When we are under cognitive load and our resources are depleted the third steps gets knocked outStudysee slideanxious womanResults
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