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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Attitudes and Persuasion - October 28.docx

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

October 28 2013 Lecture 6AttitudesPersuasion Why are some attitudes so resistant to persuasionWhat is an attitudeAttitudes have two key dimensions o Direction or valenceNegative or positive o IntensityMagnitude Think about your attitude toward the following objectsSometimes our attitudes toward objects can be both positive and negative o Known as ambivalent attitudesNOT the same as having a neutral attitude o Example chocolate cakeIts tasty and you love how tasty it isIts also unhealthymay make you gain weightHow do attitudes form o Classical ConditioningMere exposureEvaluative conditioning can influence the formation of new attitudes as well as existing attitudesEg Pokemon characters Black and White faces Olzon and Fazio 2001 o Participants see hundreds of pairings of photographs o Certain Pokemon characters are consistently paired with negative or positive objects o How much do you like Camrupt How much do you like Pachirisu o Also preferred positivelypaired characters over negativelypaied characters as measured on an implicit association test IAT o Got same results with pictures of white young men vs black young menEg advertising pairing good things with products o This is a process that has been long exploited by advertisers beautiful women babies smiles etc have been paired with products o Operant conditioningRewards and punishments o Observational learning modeling
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