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PSY220 Lecture 1

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

PSY220 Lecture OneSocial psychology is the scientific study of the ways in which a persons thoughts feelings and behaviours are influenced by real imagined or implied presence of othersWas Norman Tripletts paper in 1898 the first Social Psychology paper ever writtenoChildren reeling in fishing line as fast as they could in the presence or absence of spectatorsThey did better when there were spectators presentoNorman Tripletts paper contradicts other papers indicating the opposite effect taking placeSocial psychologists must focus on thoughts and feelings of people even though they cannot be directly observedoWorld War II had a big impact on the study of Social PsychologyStudy of influence prejudice persuasion obedience etc HolocaustRise of the NazisWWII opened up a floodgate of questions under the realm of Social Psychology and more funding became availableThere are many subcategories within Social PsychologyoStereotypes prejudice attitudes leadership aggression etcTwo Fundamental Axioms of Social PsychologyoPeople construct their own realityStephen Colbert Reportis he a true conservative who pretends to be joking and genuinely means everything he says on the show Or is he a liberal who pretends to be a conservative to be humorousDepends on the political views of the person you askoA liberal will say the latter and a conservative will say the formerconforms to their own political viewsWas the test that you just wrote fairDepends on the grade that you receivedhigh gradefair low gradeunfair
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